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I now have two teaching DVD's published by Ceramic Arts Daily! The first, Wheel Throwing with Nan Rothwell is a two-disk DVD that covers throwing basic cylinders and bowls, then moves on to several special projects.

Alan and I recently finished Glazing and Decorating Pottery with Nan Rothwell. It's a one-disc video that covers the basics of glazing and decorating, and touches on the aesthetics and science of glazes.

Wheel Throwing with Nan Rothwell
A two-disk DVD on throwing that my son Alan and I filmed that's published by Ceramic Arts Daily. Lessons include the basics of throwing cylinders and bowls and then multiple expanded projects. Price includes shipping within the US. Please contact me for overseas shipping.
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Glazing & Decorating Pottery with Nan Rothwell
This video covers the basics of glazing and decorating pots. In step-by-step demos, I show dipping, pouring and spraying, and then cover a variety of decorating techniques. I discuss the visual decisions we make when we glaze and talk about how to bring out the best in a pot. The video also touches on glaze preparation and glaze chemistry.
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